Next in Paranormology – Jolimont Street Ghost

OK, I lied. I promised I wouldn’t do any writing over the holidays. The laptop was there, I managed to squeeze a spare hour out, one thing led to another…

The Series

Keeping with the idea of a “ghost story that isn’t really about the ghost”, and without giving too much away at such an early moment, Jolimont will explore the idea of assumptions, along with the necessity of having a scientific control.

A darker themed book, I suspect there will be a sinister element, in keeping with the current trend of the series: Grosvenor Lane was quite light, almost innocent, whereas Beaumaris Road and Hampton Court had baser elements.

No front cover yet – Hey, I’m still working on the wordy bits! – so I’ll be on the lookout for creepy houses. I probably should be working on Adaptation rather than Paranormology, I know, I know. Sue me.Mini Jeztyr Logo


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