Adaptation Series


Adaptation – Part 1 was my first published book. I had finished Part 1, and Part 2 and was looking at tying up Part 3 when the lightning bolt hit me. This book would never see the light of day unless I actually did something about getting it published.

Naturally I looked around at publishing houses. I sent off manuscripts and double spaced print outs. I fired off emails and submitted forms with all the formats and criteria. No good. I was naive to think that it would be as easy as that. The vanity publishing option was next in line but that was even less attractive. Then I stumbled upon Smashwords. With the motto of ‘Your eBook, your way’, it’s exactly how they roll. The rest is history.

The story progresses from the ‘birth’ of both protagonists, Ryan and Ottavio, each having to unlearn everything that they thought they knew. They must learn that deciding for themselves is the only way to get through the confronting and often violent world into which they now walk.

There are six parts to the Adaptation series.


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