Beaumaris Road Ghost


The second book of Paranormology takes the Professor’s troubles to the next level. Research and study requires resources. I have a few friends at Universities who lament the length process and, more so, the politics involved in garnering funding for an endeavour.

And this is how book two comes about. In order for the Professor to be sponsored he needs to produce results, but in order to get results he needs funding, and funding requires that he is sponsored. This vicious cycle is not isolated to fiction.

The second book also allows us to get a better look at the protagonist as well as the Professor and his associations. Whereas Grosvenor Lane was the young protagonist’s naive introduction, Beaumaris finds him a little more grown up, a little more cynical.

The cover art for Beaumaris Road Ghost uses another house in Essendon (it’s a lovely area) that fit the bill.

Published: March 01, 2015
Words: 26,130
Language: Australian English
ISBN: 9781310512742

You can find Beaumaris Road Ghost in paperback or eBook ($0.99) at:



Barnes and Noble


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