Name Plates or Plaques

Name Plates

These were uber-fun to make. You know how when you get a big box of something delivered the office, there are those corner protection angles made out of cardboard? Well, I collected the four of those and made them into wood lookalike nameplates or name plaques. The problem is, there weren’t enough to go round! Still, those that got them were well pleased, so it was worth it – #plaqued (thanks Rebecca).

I could write up instructions on how it came together but, you know what? Better just watch:

Some pro-tips:

  • Use smooth, strong cardboard. I used the packaging from a desk drawer, but any angled cardboard will do.
  • For the brass, use rough cardboard. It gives that nice rippled texture. The back of a writing pad works good. Yes, you *can* use brass paper but that’s boring, and you don’t get a ‘thickness’ as you would with rolled brass.
  • Letraset transfers used to be everywhere, but I could only get mine online and had to wait four weeks to be delivered… from Holland!
  • Paint every edge of your brass / gold plate. Three coats to make it look decent.
  • To give your smooth cardboard a ‘wood-grain’, be generous with the stain and gloss, and run over it in long light strokes.
  • Use a stuff toothbrush to make deeper woodgrains.
  • Water based stuff cleans up faster, dries faster and gives a decent finish.