Signs, signs, everywhere signs

When your little guy loves road signs, there’s only one thing to do:

Some tips:

  • If you’ve got a bench saw, it might be a heck of a lot easier than using a craft knife.
  • Don’t sweat about over-spray too much, you can touch it up when you’re done.
  • Press the masking tape down after you cut it to stop bleeding (found that out the hard way!)
  • Don’t rush it. Let it dry.
  • Keep knives, paint, scalpels and aerosols AWAY from kiddies.
  • Print out you designs on paper to aid your sketching.
  • Look up or take photos of real signs for inspiration.
  • Have fun!

What’s that, you want more? OK. How about… and octagonal stop sign?

Still not satisfied? I mean, hey, signs are cool, but how much cooler are they when they can be changed, right?

And he’s mad for trains. Trains and train signs. A budding engineer, right?

Sure enough, the next thing will be a boom gate.

Yup. Yup it’s a boom gate.

He was bugging me, and bugging me, and bugging me! So I told him where to go:

We have a Police station just down the road. Naturally, Joey is attracted to anything with flashing lights, fast cars and badges.

“I want a give-way sign. I do, I do, I really do. A Give-Way sign, yes.”

“What? No, not one of those, the Give Way signs!”

You mean a roundabout sign?